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Human Interaction

Our dog care givers play with the fur guests and as give them loads of TLC.

24/7 Supervision

Each group of dogs has its own care giver who keeps a close eye on them- both during the day and at night.

Play Mates

Our lodge is strictly for socialised dogs.  This is because we allow the fur guests to play with one another.

Access Indoors

Our fur guests are welcome to roam around the lodge at leisure. All dogs are inside at night.

Outdoor Play Areas

Our farm-style lodge offers clean & comfortable outdoor areas for the dogs to play in.

Separated By Size

We separate large and small dog breeds. If a family has a mixed pack they can book a private room.

Our Accommodation

We understand that dogs are social creatures and they need human interaction. Our accommodation is an extension of our own home – which means that your dog will have the warmth of human presence at all times. We strive to mirror a typical home environment – both in finishes, comforts and familiar sounds.

Check List

My dog is sterilised (if over 6 months old)

My dog is socialised with other dogs & people

My dog has up-to-date vaccines including kennel cough

My dog has up-to-date flea & tick prevention treatment

My dog has been dewormed within the last month

My dog is wearing a safe collar with his/her name on it (choke & half choke not accepted)

I have packed & labelled my dog’s food and I have provided clear feeding instructions


Per Night Charge/Dog

All Breed Sizes: R200

Our Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy – Lodging

A full refund will be provided if booking is cancelled two (2) weeks prior to arrival.


Please note that should your travel plans change due to Covid travel restrictions or to lockdown – we will provide you with a voucher for your dog’s stay. This can be redeemed at any future date as long as the lodge is not already fully booked.